Taviga Ltd and Taviga LLC are sister companies, both initially co-owned by Charles Curry and Charles Schue. Taviga Ltd (www.taviga.co.uk or www.taviga.eu) will operate with an initial focus on the UK and European markets. Taviga LLC (www.taviga.com) will operate with an initial focus on North American markets. 

Taviga is proposing to bring back a modern eLoran service provision to users from industry, government department and stake holders. 

Download our Vision for eLoran Ecosystem.

Charles A. Schue

Charles A. “Chuck” Schue is a globally recognized expert in radio navigation, particularly Loran-C and Enhanced Loran (eLoran). He is a thought leader in the global movement on delivering a co-primary PNT solution for times when GPS/GNSS is not available or not trustworthy. "Building a market” is part of his larger strategic vision to enable an entire ecosystem devoted to ensuring resilient PNT.

Chuck has been involved in every technical advance in Loran-C and eLoran technology since the mid 1970’s. While on active duty in the United States Coast Guard (USCG), he became the first Program Manager for the congressionally mandated Loran Recapitalization Program, a $160M+ effort to modernize and upgrade the North American Loran-C system to eLoran. He was also the first Commanding Officer of the USCG Loran Support Unit (LSU), one of five Coast Guard Centers of Excellence. As the “Chief Loranimal”, Chuck was responsible for all engineering, maintenance, and support of 29 operational Loran transmitting sites, the Loran Support Unit test transmission facility, 30 monitor sites, and six control sites in North America, including connections with Canadian and Russian Loran stations. Additionally, he was the U.S. technical representative for all things Loran to the international community.

As the founder or co-founder of several companies in fields as diverse as medical technology, software product, hardware product, public safety and security, and advanced engineering, Chuck has demonstrated his ability to take an idea and turn it into a successful endeavor. He believes there is power in the right partnerships, in many cases the results of which are a magnification of the strength of individual members.


Charles Curry

Charles Curry is a chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and founder & Managing Director of Chronos Technology Ltd. Charles graduated in Electronics from Liverpool University in 1973, and started his career at GEC Hirst Research Centre working on silicon MOS boundary research, progressing to Racal Instruments where he was responsible for sales of test equipment including specialist frequency and time products such as Loran C and Caesium standards. Later with GSE Rentals Charles was involved with some of the first civil GPS and laptop PC deployments into the North Sea offshore oil exploration industry during the early 1980's.


He founded Chronos in 1986, is a leading global system integrator, service solutions provider and manufacturer for synchronisation, timing, GNSS and GPS jamming, detection products based in the UK. Chronos has supplied and installed many thousands of GPS & Timing systems worldwide for mobile and fixed line telecom operators. The Chronos Synchronisation MasterClass has been delivered to more than a 1000 delegates across the globe.


Charles founded the International Telecom Sync Forum (ITSF) in 2001 and chairs the ITSF Steering Group. He is also a member of the Workshop on Synchronization in the USA Telecommunications Systems (WSTS) Steering Group which meets annually in the USA. Charles is also a member of the Industry Advisory Boards for the Universities of Liverpool and Bath, Electrical and Electronics Faculties.

In 2012 Charles was awarded Honorary Professorships from the University of Bath, Faculty of Engineering & Design, Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering and the University of Liverpool, Department of Electrical Engineering & Electronics.